Camp Details


Camp Details


Stay in traditional black and white Bedouin tents, made with goat hair. All of our tents are clean, comfortable and have everything you need to enjoy your time here.

We have ten private tents with one large double bed and in-tent amenities (a hot shower, a toilet, and a vanity) and five standard tents that offer twin, double, or triple bed accommodation (no bathroom inside the tent). Our 2 modern and clean shared bathroom facilities offer six hot showers and dressing areas and the vanity area and toilets.

Accommodation costs

Private tent with a bathroom: 70 USD per person.
Cost include breakfast and dinner.

Standard tent with toilet & shower facilities shared use: 50 USD per person.
Cost include breakfast and dinner.

Our common sitting and lounging area is where a lot of the magic and conversation takes place.  In our Outside area, as well is where we serve our meals and tea around the fireplace. Star gazing is on our program all nights.
Wadi Rum dessert are one of the best places for Stargazing


Breakfast. Our breakfast buffet includes servings of hummus, labanah, olive oil and za’atar (traditional Jordanian dish), omelets and fresh vegetables.

Lunch. For lunch, we usually prepare a Bedouin meal called Gallayeh Bandora, a stew of tomatoes, spices, and garlic served with fresh bread, salad, and tea.


Dinner. The dinner is served buffet-style and provides a variety of options. We usually serve the traditional Bedouin BBQ cooked underground called zerb, accompanied by an array of salads like Fattoush or Mutabbal, fresh Bedouin bread, and fresh seasonal fruits. Mineral water is included
All our meals are prepared at the Camp with Daily Fresh Market Products from our Village.


Sustainability & Visions

As the sun is abundant in the desert, we use solar panels to power up our camp. Water is precious in the Desert – please help us spend only the necessary.
We support the local women’s cooperative in the nearby Disah village (the Disi Women Cooperative) by purchasing their handmade decorative pieces for our camp.

During your stay here, we provide you with refillable metal water bottles to decrease the amount of plastic that is used in the desert.

Our camp has been designed with local products. Constructions made to have minimum impact on nature. Our Architect and landscape architect: Patrizia Falcone.