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Our Programs

Camel Rides:

Experience the way people of the desert used to travel: on the back of the camel. 1-hr camel rides with a guide are available at sunrise, sunset, or any other time of day (rides can be extended for longer).



Tour Duration Price per person
1 hours 15 JOD
Half day 50 JOD
Full day 70 JOD


Price includes:
*Camel ride with a Bedouin guide.
*Water and Bedouin tea during the tour.
*Fresh traditional lunch fire-cooked during the tour (half and full day tour only).

4X4 Jeep Safari Tours:

There is no better way to see the vast, borderless desert of Wadi Rum than on our 4×4 jeep safari tour.
4×4 jeep safari tours are available for 2, 3, 4-hrs or longer. During the tour, you’ll explore famous Wadi Rum landmarks such as the Um-Frouth Arch, Lawrence Canyon, the ancient inscriptions left by the Nabataean civilization, and more.


Tour Duration Jeep Capacity Price per Jeep
2 hours 1 – 4 people 35 JOD
3 hours 1 – 4 people 50 JOD
4 hours 1 – 4 people 70 JOD
5 hours and more 1 – 4 people 100 JOD


Price includes:
*4×4 jeep safari tour with a Bedouin English-speaking guide.
*Water and Bedouin tea during the tour.

Desert Hikes:

Get close to the sand dunes and the whimsical sandstone mountains of Wadi Rum, on foot.
The desert hikes with our guides are available for any desired duration of time, from 1-hr hikes to 6-hrs hikes and longer.


Tour Duration People count Price per person
1-    4 hours 1 – 5 people 20 JOD
6 people and more 15 JOD
5 hours and more 1 – 5 people 30 JOD
6 people and more 20 JOD


Price includes:
*A Bedouin English-speaking guide.
*Mineral water and Bedouin tea.
*Fresh lunch meal somewhere inside the desert during the tour.

Desert Treks:

Are you ready for an adventure? During our treks into the desert, you’ll venture deep into the sand dunes (on a camel or in a jeep), prepare your meals over an open fire and sleep outside under the stars.
1-day, 2-day, 3-day trips and more are available. During the trips, the meals will be prepared fresh by your side and an experienced guide will be showing you the most unique and secluded places (including the tallest mountain in Wadi Rum, Jabal Um Adaami on the border with Saudi Arabia, and the Jabal Rum, the second highest peak).


Tour Duration People count Price per person per Day
1 day 2 – 5 people 90 JOD
6 people and more 80 JOD
2 days 2 – 5 people 70 JOD
6 people and more 65 JOD
3 days and more 2 – 5 people 60 JOD
6 people and more 55 JOD


Price includes:
*4×4 jeep to discover the most famous and beautiful sites in Wadi Rum.
*A Bedouin English-speaking guide.
*Three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
*Mineral water and Bedouin tea.
*All camping equipment (blankets, mattresses, supplies, etc.).
*1-hr camel ride during the tour.
*A climb to the highest mountain in Jordan (Um – Adammi) when you book the 2 days’ tour or longer.

Bedouin Family Visit:

Get to know the people who live and work in the majestic Wadi Rum desert. Visit a Bedouin desert tent for lunch or spend the afternoon, drink tea, exchange stories, and get a better understanding of the ancient Bedouin culture.
Visits to a local family are available for 1-, 2-, 3-hrs or longer.


Tour Duration People count Price per person
1 – 2 hour 2 – 5 people 30 JOD
6 people and more 25 JOD
3 hours and more 2 – 5 people 40 JOD
6 people and more 35 JOD


Price includes:
*Pick up from the camp to the Bedouin family and back to the camp after the visit.
*Mineral water and Bedouin tea.
*Lunch with the family when you book the 3-hrs tour or longer.
*A Bedouin English-speaking guide to help with translating.

Hot Air Balloon Rides:

T.E. Lawrence called Wadi Rum “vast, echoing, and godlike.” See how vast this desert really is from the best vantage point: up in the skies! Hot air balloons rise up into the desert skies every morning, weather-permitting.
1-hr ride is available at sunrise.

130 JOD per person.

The price includes:
*1 hour flight over the Wadi Rum desert.
*Mineral water, tea and coffee.
*The drive from Rum Planet Camp to the departure site and back to the camp.