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Our Story

We are Ahmad, Falah, and Hasan – three friends who started the Rum Planet Camp because we love what we do. Like all Bedouin children, we grew up playing in the sand dunes of Wadi Rum, climbing the formidable mountains surrounding the desert, and helping our families with animals and around the house.

We have been working in the local tourism industry for over 20 years hosting travelers from all over the world. As we welcomed more and more people into the Wadi Rum desert, we realized that what gives us the most pleasure is sharing our unique, traditional culture with others. That’s how the Rum Planet Camp started in 2015. Since then, we’ve made friends with people from Barcelona to Chicago and everywhere in between.

The Bedouin culture is grounded in a deep connection to nature and a generous hospitality. We live in the present moment and enjoy sharing tea and stories with friends around the fire. Come here to experience the magic of disconnecting from all your devices, connecting to this incredible landscape instead and meeting new friends. We hope to welcome you at our camp soon!